12.10.16 – Illustrator Introduction

Going into this workshop I had no previous experience using Adobe Illustrator. I learned quickly as the tools and layout are similar to Photoshop, which I had already used many times.

The task was to use an assigned shape to create a composition to demonstrate my understanding of each of the following terms: Symmetry, Asymmetry, Balance. The second stage was to use the same shapes but adjust their relative size to illustrate: Fine, Coarse, Space, Amount and Dominance, Distance. Lastly, using one additional colour combined with opacity and pathfinder tools, I had to illustrate: Background and Foreground, Negative/Positive, Addition, Subtraction. Later, I had to use these tools and methods to create letters and alter typefaces by adjusting the letterforms.

I feel that I now have a fairly good understanding of the techniques I have been taught in Illustrator and I have been introduced to new tools which can also be put into affect on the Adobe programmes. Also, I can comprehend basic visual grammar and identify the names of some compositions.



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