19.10.16 – InDesign Introduction

This week’s session focused on basic uses of InDesign. By utilising typography, grids and hierarchy, my task was to make a given piece of text attractive and communicative.

For the first two pieces I picked out words that I felt I could alter the colour or appearance of to convey it’s meaning, for example, with “exciting” I changed the black font to multi-coloured as it looks more fun. For the third piece I considered layout and size more than anything else, it fills the page better than the first two but lacks colour and character- it wouldn’t appear to be very communicative if it wasn’t for the images.

I struggled with expressing the messages and ideas through the limited typefaces we were allowed to use, therefore I don’t believe my final pieces have much impact upon first glance. However, I think InDesign is an incredibly useful programme for crisp designs and I will return to it for future work.


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