26.10.16 – After Effects Intro


Watch Here:



The aim of this week’s task was to create a ten second “title sequence” using After Effects, which is widely used for film and television. After finding a stock video of a suburban neighbourhood, I considered the genre- which led to the following decisions I made.

I used simple transformation tools to explore position, scale and opacity- beginning the piece with a small “spotlight” on a single moving car. The circle increases as the car moves out of shot, revealing a street. This style reminds me of american tv dramas from the early 2000s- I thought of the idea after one glance at the scene.

I found it difficult to use After Effects and I didn’t use the tools as much as I could have- the piece of work I produced is very simple but I think it was successful because I fulfilled the task, applying a number of effects while also keeping a neat appearance. The style I used also makes sense with the video I used.


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