1 – Author

I have chosen Stephen King for my first piece of work as his dark, macabre style is instantly recognisable. The first novel that came to mind was “It”, one of his most renowned pieces of literature.

The imagery of the drain is iconic to the book as well as it being the first scene the majority of people think of from the 1990 miniseries. I chose to recreate the original book cover as it was most fitting for this concept. I used Photoshop to construct the background and InDesign to arrange the typography in a similar way to the title on the novel as it is common for King’s titles to be set out this way.

‘Outstanding new ideas create iconic campaigns’ fits this image well as Stephen King has his own take on the horror genre, which has gained his work such a vast readership and himself a great amount of praise. His works are very iconic to this day.

Choosing King could have been too similar to the short video I created based on “The Shining”; however, I based that piece on imagery from the film which was derived from Kubrick’s ideas, rather than King’s novel.

Overall, I don’t believe my work would communicate the lesson without the text, but my concept strongly links to it. Author was the most difficult category to try to generate ideas as there are generally only images on the front covers of the books, I work best when I have a plethora of visuals to take inspiration from.


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