2 – Illustrator

To communicate “Keep It Super Simple”, I took inspiration from the acrostic, ‘KISS’, and hand-drew the famous rock group in the style of Tim Burton’s sketches. As the work I am producing is to be saved in a digital format, I scanned the drawing and saved it onto my laptop, where I altered the composition and added colour in Photoshop.

Burton is well known for his characters large, dark-set eyes and exaggerated features. I concentrated on the basic shapes of each face and their features before adding any characteristics significant to each band member, such as makeup. I mainly took elements from Burton’s original sketches above, as they all had at least one quality that was similar to the reference photo I was using of the band.

If I was to create a drawing again, I would use a digital drawing pad- however, I did not have access to one at this time.



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