3 – Graphic Designer

After thorough research into Saul Bass, I decided his style would work perfectly with my initial plan to create a clean and simple piece of work. I created this poster on Illustrator as the software is professionally used for vector graphics in particular. It also allowed me to utilise the pathfinder tool to merge and adjust shapes to create new ones- such as the lightbulb featured in this design.

Bass’ posters are often contain little to no details, yet are effective in portraying iconic movie imagery. The most simple image that conveys an ‘idea’ is a lightbulb,. Colours in his work tend to be flat, and only one or two are used in each piece.

In my opinion, this is the strongest piece of work so far out of my 5. The piece is clearly in the style of Bass’ work and the image symbolises the point I am making. It is one of my most simple pieces but in this case, I have successfully carried out the task.


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