5 – (Fine) Artist

My chosen artist is painter Piet Mondrian, who’s work is iconic for being simplistic and geometric. As the use of thick, straight lines is a trend amongst his pieces, I chose to use Illustrator in order to achieve this sharp, crisp appearance. Also, as I planned on creating the lines and shapes out of words, Illustrator allowed me to efficiently adjust and edit the typefaces to fit the spaces I desired.

Originally, my approach was to fill the gap with the lesson repeated until the shape appeared to be a solid colour from afar. However, this meant that the text was unable to be read without zooming in, taking away the message completely. Also, in contrast to the coloured sections created from text, the black lines were too bold. These failed actions led me to the design that is now my final piece. Made entirely of text, the coloured sections are now readable, and despite it looking more ‘faded’ that Mondrian’s original work, my piece still resembles his.

I think my response is weak compared to my other pieces of work, as it didn’t require much skill to produce. However, there is a strong link (visually) between the message I want to communicate and the image I have created.


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