Final Images + Video


Password: poundland

All 9 images compliment each other well but they’re not exactly uniform- the white background isn’t the same brightness throughout and I didn’t allow enough blank space for the logo on a couple of images so it overlaps the product. My favourite images are the lipstick and hand soap, the compositions and colours/clarity look best compared to the others.

I believe the video isn’t as successful. While filming objects that need to be interacted with, it would have probably been better to get assistance as the items kept wobbling (e.g. the lipstick wouldn’t stay standing flat on the table as I twisted it).

Also, between editing the video in AfterEffects and rendering it, the quality of my footage has worsened somehow. I have not had chance to fix this issue.

Overall, I don’t think it looks much like an advert. In the future I will plan out the video better and try to film earlier to improve anything that may go wrong.


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