Developed Idea

In our group we hope to create an animation that reflects key events that occur within the story we were given, that have a darker tone. Using the negative experiences Nick has had while squatting, we want to take this dark dramatic feel and create a trailer, taking inspiration from the following video:

Focusing on the idea of ink blots moving around a page, we want to feature clips of London (the setting) and reenactments of key events within the ink blots. A narrator will feature in small sections of the video as ‘handwritten’ text appears along the screen, highlighting parts of the story. The fast pace and movement of the ink will reflect the essence of the story, how squatters are constantly on the move and never truly settle anywhere

Next, we hope to return to our location to film our planned scenes, and animate the base of the video in After Effects. We hope the images appearing in our final piece will resemble something like this:

Shot List:

  1. being chased down the road at night, turn to see man with a bat
  2. Leicester Square- setting scene
  3. London Bridge rail arches, shot of dark shadowy archway, connote danger
  4. door kicked in
  5. close up of section 6 notice
  6.  sleeping on park bench
  7. police lights shining through window,

(shots average 4-5 seconds each. transition 2-3 seconds. constant movement, fluidity)


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