Practice Images

We took a GoPro to London to capture some practice footage for our idea involving a first person perspective. We walked from the London Eye to Leicester Square, filming as if we were taking a journey through the city looking for the next place to settle. The conditions weren’t particularly suitable for filming in- it was awfully windy and rained briefly, the lighting wasn’t great even though it was midday so it should be at it’s brightest. It was extremely cloudy, preventing shadows, but looked too gloomy for the mood we wish for our trailer to present.

Upon returning home, however, we discovered that we’d lost the videos from the trip. Despite having no footage, we had at least had a chance to explore the area for visuals. We have a better picture of the location and we are now able to plan our final final shoot.

Next time we go to shoot we will have practiced using the camera more so we are sure it is definitely filming.


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