New Brief – Industry Engagement

For this brief, our task is to create content with the intention of it becoming viral. By identifying trends and themes, we must upload the content onto one (or more) online platforms, for example, YouTube or Facebook.

I have chosen to work with two others for this brief- Jade Davis and Sophie Winter, in order to achieve more impressive results. We can achieve more views and likes as a team as we can reach out to a much larger group of people between the three of us.

After the recent trend of videos on social media of people in inflatable animal costumes, we generated ideas involving this theme. However, in order to make the concept different to existing content, our idea is to form a ‘life’ for this inflatable t-rex. By creating an Instagram to document moments throughout the character’s day, we are taking the typical Instagrammer/blogger and making it something that someone wouldn’t expect to see.

We hope to upload images and short videos of the dinosaur doing everyday things as well as stunts/funny actions to attract followers. We will also utilise Facebook to spread the word by sharing the Instagram posts.


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