Campaign Development – Initial Ideas

These are my first sketches and digital mock-ups for my Highland Spring logo design:

In order to keep the logo from losing all of it’s identity when I redesign it, I have kept Highland Spring’s signature purple and grey shades. This way, it won’t be losing of the company’s values.

My preferred design:


Even though mountain imagery is used frequently on such products, I have used basic shapes rather than a realistic image- to some it could look like mountains but it’s not directly suggested. This is a simple, yet clean design fits well onto a bottle, utilising space.

I didn’t want to use a water drop initially, it’s too predictable. However, there was something missing with just the triangles, and designs always look better with 3 colours. I believe the droplet works well with the design, particularly because if the logo was seen alone, not on packaging, it would show that it is water.

Next, I must consider packaging. I have looked into it briefly and the most aesthetically pleasing bottles are smooth, with a basic shape, similar to Smart Water, Voss and Fiji.


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