Industry Talk – Week 2

Our guest today was Cris Mascort, a Brand and Service Designer. Previously a Design Director at R/GA, Cris gave us an insight into her career path, which developed from her degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She then went on to work for DEC BBDO in Barcelona as a Junior Art Director.

Cris currently works in London for R/GA after working as a Senior Art Director for various companies. She stated that she believes that advertising and design are very strongly linked, and in order to be successful in the industry, we must be skilled in both of these areas.

The main message she gave us was to do work we love- don’t take a job just for the money, or because you think it is what you’re supposed to do because you will be miserable.  She explained the importance of finding balance between your career and personal life. Take up an activity that doesn’t relate to advertising and create some distance from your work from time to time to reduce the weight of it all. But above all else, work hard, strive for your goals and impress your clients.

From personal experiences, herself and her work have grown creatively through working out of her comfort zone, and she encouraged us to do that too.

I enjoyed Cris’ presentation very much as I personally struggle with being able to push myself to create work that isn’t just what I believe looks good, or that I can easily create with skills I already have. I am trapped in my comfort zone and I don’t feel I am improving a whole lot. From seeing all she has achieved by doing this has given me perspective. I hope to take on this advice and apply it everything I’m doing.



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