Industry Talk – Week 3

Our scheduled speaker today was unable to visit so our lecturer, Brian Shepherd, stepped in to give us an insight into his career in Account Management, ‘Influencing without Power’.

Account Managers create and manage relationships between businesses and clients. Leadership is an important part of the job, you must be able to present in front of large groups of people and not be nervous or seem intimidated when in front of the CEO. An AM must be rational in order to make decisions based on what works best for a business, everything you do and don’t do costs a lot of money.

Account management is about diversity, strategy, and in particular, problem solving- bringing new solutions that are on brand. Building relationships, being able to say ‘no’. Commercial acumen- is the extra worth the money? Requirements for this position include communication/relationships, a sense of humour, being a ‘people person’- respect and work with the client and agency.

  • Acquire then deploy a range of skills in order to make things happen.
  • Think creatively and draw on your diverse talents and skills.
  • Believe anything is possible and work hard in pursuit of a creative solution.
  • It is essential to be calm is a crisis.
  • Be committed to your cause, and be bigger than your departmental job- start by respecting what other people do and by asking ‘Can I Help?’.
  • “The more you understand what everyone else’s job is, the more you will know if you are working with good people.”

Jobs include planning TV productions, creative services, studio work, outside suppliers, artists, technicians, third party stakeholders, security, etc.


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