3 viral videos that brought their creator fame

  1. “Chocolate Rain”

This video by Tay Zonday has received 113,344,818 views over the past 10 years since it was posted. As a result, Tay’s channel received a large following and was one of the better known YouTubers around this time. It is still his most viewed video to this day. He currently has 1 million subscribers.


2. Cheating Prank

Prank vs Prank’s first listed video (as of now) on YouTube gained 17,133,204 views 7 years ago after going viral. Since then, their videos have been reaching up to 35 million views views and they have 10 million subscribers.


3. “Leave Britney Alone”

Chris Crocker found fame as the ‘Britney Guy’ after posting this video in 2007 expressing his frustration over the media attacking Britney Spears. As of November 2010, the video had been viewed over 35 million times. The video below is not uploaded on the original channel as Crocker deleted his YouTube fairly recently to leave this image behind as he has grown over the years. However, he currently has 708 thousand followers on Instagram, so he is still incredibly popular even after his YouTube days.


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