Industry Talk – Week 4

This week, our guest speaker was Alex Towers, who works for Ticketmaster. Alex studied journalism at university but realised that he didn’t want to proceed with a career in journalism. While he continued with his degree, he landed a marketing manager at Sony, working on various projects such as press releases, promos and rebrands. Although he enjoyed music, this was not the career path he wanted to pursue.

After he graduated university, Alex got a position at Daniel O’Donnell’s record label as project manager. Some of the work he did included managing the manufacturing and international distribution. For Alex, this work wasn’t particularly interesting, which he learned and grew from- working on something you don’t like develops your creative skills/process as you have to find inspiration from something someone else enjoys.

Alex then worked for Fat Boy Slim’s label as Product Manager, which involved a lot of PR work, and later worked at Snapper as a Marketing Manager. In 2010, he decided to take some time away from work and do some travelling.

After 4 months, he returned to the UK and eventually found a job opportunity at Ticketmaster, which exists to sell tickets for the proprietor. His role is to maintain client relationships, but in the time he is working there he hopes to make the company seem more human. Alex revealed that this role at Ticketmaster has made him realise how much marketing has changed over the last 6 years, everything is now algorithm-based and not many people are making their own decisions anymore. Now more than ever it is key to identify where opportunities for creativity still exist.

Some advice he gave us was:

  • Communicate with people- be honest to customers. Twitter is useful to converse with customers and get useful feedback.
  • Work on something you don’t like or know much about- it’ll be a challenge but will only help you. It’s much easier to generate ideas from something youre already passionate about.

Alex’s presentation was very insightful- it was great hear how pretty much trial and error led him to a job he enjoys doing, and the different experiences you will come across in your career before you settle into a role you’re passionate about.


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