Campaign Development – Progress

These are 2 off my packaging mock ups/potential final designs.

  1. Even though I am going for a minimalist appearance, I feel this logo is too simple, and the image on the right looks dull- water should have a light, fresh look to make consumers believe this is the freshest water money can buy.


I have asked asked a handful of class mates and students from other courses for critiques  and from their feedback they believe it could be developed further, however, there is also the argument that much like the design, water is simple. It could imply that the water has nothing added, reinforcing this idea of freshness.


2. I believe that this design below is my strongest of the two, it has more to it which which prevents it from looking so plain, yet it is still simplistic and fairly minimal.


I attempted to take a photo of the type of bottle I thought looked best, however the lighting isn’t up to standard so I will use an existing image from the internet to compare quality.



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