New Brief – Campaign Development (Part 3)

In large groups we were assigned a collaborative brief to work on over the space of two weeks. I am in a group with Khubrooh Hussain, Molly Smith, Jaymie Brown, Sophie Winter, Jade Davis, Jayden Kimpton, Preston Shirley, Buket Erbas and Andrew Brown.

Our task was to create a product or service that will encourage people to stop smoking by identifying trends. We must create a 1 minute video that explains our concept.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.26.53
Initial concepts/mind maps

We all came up with a key visual for one of each of our initial ideas- mine was a lighter that sets off a loud alarm every time someone attempts to light it. Usually it takes a couple of attempts to achieve a flame, so the user will be attracting a great amount of attention if in a public place and they will be discouraged from trying again as they will become embarrassed.

We were given feedback for all of our visuals and my critique was that although my idea was strong, there isn’t enough room to develop it.

We all agreed on the design below- the concept is that a group of smokers will smoke in a confined space, unaware that the fumes are travelling through a vent into another space full of plants. After some time, the group of people will be shown the plants which are now dead, ruined by the pollution that smoking causes.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.20.56

Currently, non-smoking campaigns and cigarette packaging focus on showing gory images of the impact smoking has to your health. However, smoking causes more pollution than diesel cars, yet no-one hears about this side of the story. Not only are smokers harming themselves first-hand, they’re also polluting the air everyone else breathes. This is a strong and shocking image that not many have shown in the media.


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