Innovation As Communication – Research

We were researching effects of smoking and found this article. Only one of few articles concerned about the environment rather than focused entirely on health, which most other Google results were.

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 14.33.52

After we came across these findings, we created a survey in order to collect primary research. Within 5 days we received 75 responses which revealed that most participants were concerned most about health issues, only one chose pollution when asked what factor is most harmful.

Our survey:

So, pollution is not a huge concern for people in this case. However, even though many seem to be concerned about their health, the majority of people still continue to smoke.

Even with the current uniform packaging, featuring gory images of the consequences of long-term smoking, as well as the ban on 10-packs, people continue to buy and smoke cigarettes. Without using health as a primary factor for our concept, we must find a way to think about what they are doing, but still using shock value to some extent.

Our approach to this issue is showing the awful effects that smoking can do to a plant first hand, and communicate to people that if this is the damage one cigarette can do to a plant, imagine what it’s doing to the rest of the environment around you. Essentially, smoking not only harms you and others in reach, it is polluting the air we all breathe.

The name of our idea is ‘The Green Room’, and these are the different logo designs a couple of group members came up with:


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