360 & Integrated Campaigns – Final Outcomes

The concept I chose for my Lucozade Energy campaign was ‘Unleash the Fizz’. The whole concept was based around demonstrating to the audience that Lucozade drinks have a fizz like no other, better than all the rest- a fizz that tickles your tongue. These are my final outcomes:

Print Press:

ABOVE- I feel this poster is simple, yet effective. It doesn’t show the product itself but looks aesthetically pleasing. To improve, I would have come up with variations to compare. However, I am pleased with this outcome.

Digital Posters:

ABOVE- The poster to the left is supposed to be a static digital poster where the background changes colour, one colour for each drink flavour, while bubbles move up the screen- simulating a fizzy drink. The poster to the right is an interactive game- the player must pop all of the bubbles in 30 seconds to win a free Lucozade, the drink exits the vending machine-like slot at the bottom. Although I believe these concepts are fairly strong, I don’t feel my mock-ups translate very well. There’s more information behind each image.

Video (concept):

ABOVE- If you look past the awful drawings above, this is a fairly strong visual concept. The video would be strange and crazy, but would grab people’s attention. I believe this fits in well with the other concepts and looks uniform- it looks as if it is part of the same campaign.



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