Branding and Packaging – Final Designs

These are my final outcomes for my Highland Spring logo and packaging. Of all the ‘trendy’ water brands out there, there is a theme of sleek, simplistic logos and smooth, straight edged bottles. Examples of this are Voss and Smart Water.

I believe my approach to making Highland Spring look ‘cool’ fits this theme. Although the logo is minimalistic, it doesn’t look like its missing something, and I feel it looks fitting on the bottle. It covers enough of the bottle, it doesn’t look lost, and it is clear to read/notice the colours. Even without the signature Highland Spring thistle in the logo, I don’t feel it loses any of the brand’s value.

However, I could have pushed the design even further, finding a way to ditch the quintessential mountain and water drop. If placed on a water bottle, consumers are going to know it’s water anyway so the concept too obvious. On the other hand, I do believe it works as it is, and I would have struggled to create an interesting logo for water without focusing on water imagery.


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