Innovation As Communication – Production and Reflection

01/06/17 – Following our shot list we filmed our video. We set up two jars to act as the two glass rooms in our visual concept, with a tube connecting the jars, each with a hole in their lids. In one jar, a cigarette was places and lit, and in the other was a small, healthy plant. Some smoke transferred through the tube, but only after numerous attempts did we manage to engulf the plant.

(Photos of behind the scenes below)

We shot each section of the plan a couple of times with different angles, whilst Sophie was recording the narration. Despite being a 2-3 person task, most of us had input either setting up equipment or shots. After we had all of the footage we needed, including shots of a wilted plant as the ‘after’ shot, Jayden received both the video and audio to begin editing.

Final Outcome:


Roles within the group:

  • Visual Concepts – Khubrooh, Me, Sophie, Molly, Jade, Jaymie
  • Equipment – Khubrooh(tubing, plants, camera), Me & Molly(cigarettes), Jade(jars), Andrew(microphone)
  • Script / Storyboard – Jaymie
  • Set-up / Filming – Khubrooh(camera man), Me, Jaymie, Molly, Jayden, Andrew, Preston
  • Narration – Sophie, Jade
  • Editing – Jayden

We all agreed that we wanted music in the video. Jaymie offered to provide custom music to avoid copyright issues, however, due to time restraints we had to upload the video without background audio. It would have been a beneficial addition to the final video but I still believe it is a strong outcome for a conceptual brief.


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