Industry Engagement – Final Outcomes

These are the results of the engagement people have had with our idea on social media. In only two weeks, we have gained 160 Instagram followers and 204 Facebook page likes at a fast but steady incline.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 22.37.10.png

facebook likes screenshot

We have worked well as a group, splitting up tasks. Each of us has had at least one turn in the suit while another photographs or films and another posts to the accounts. During our sessions together we discusses such thing as what to caption the images, including hashtags to reach a larger audience, and a shot list (below):


Also, to prevent copyright issues, we contacted each establishment we would film at that was a business and asked for permission. This is a section of one of the letters we asked the owners to sign:

IMG_9478Our main focus was going to be the Instagram page, where we hosted all of our content. However, we got a significantly higher response on Facebook as it is a larger network and easier to share posts with other friends. The project was successful, which was evident from the following we gained in a short space of time. Also, many of our followers have commented and reacted in an incredibly positive way, saying they are finding the content funny, and tagging friends to take a look.

Upon reflection, we did well and people were reacting the way we had hoped, but it could have been much bigger. We could have done more stunts in places occupied by more people and presented a sign directing them to our pages. However, I am happy with the outcome.


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